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Empowering others to make sound financial decisions using common-sense strategies.

My passion for personal finance began more out of necessity rather than for academic purposes. I'll be honest: I've made a lot of financial mistakes over the years. You would think growing up with a father who is a Certified Financial Planner, a Certified Public Accountant, and a certified penny-pincher would have inoculated me against poor judgment regarding money, right?

Well, unfortunately, that wasn't how it turned out.

Reflecting on all of my financial offenses over the years, I realize now that I had ignored every piece of advice my father had given me. It was as if I had inserted invisible ear-plugs every time he uttered the words: "The key to success is to save and invest."

Uh-huh. Or, I thought, I could just continue spending my money like I was going to die tomorrow.

It should come as no surprise to you that everything he'd been trying to tell me about money turned out to be true all along. It wasn't until after I had graduated with my master's degree that I realized how big of an issue money had become in our lives. By this point, I had managed to drag my wife along with me down the rabbit hole of fiscal stupidity. The consequences of our poor habits finally caught up to us when our request for a home mortgage loan was rejected.


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Something clicked in my head that day. Perhaps it was the embarrassment that accompanies the feeling of complete inadequacy that finally brought me out of my spending fugue. I vowed that from that day forward, I would do whatever it would take to repair the holes in our sinking financial ship.

The culprit for most of our financial anxiety, it turned out, was our combined student loan debt, which amounted to over $300K. All I can remember while reviewing those statements was feeling an icy numbness taking over my body. I could hear the echo of my father's voice in my head like the cartoon angel perched on my shoulder, whispering in my ear: the key to success is to save and invest.

Shortly thereafter, I took it upon myself to uncover everything I could regarding personal finances and college planning. My goal was not to simply reduce the amount of debt, but to bury all of the stress and fear and self-doubt that came along with it for good. After taking control of our spending habits and developing a plan to pay off a substantial amount of the debt, I decided to write about personal finances. I wanted to share my story with the aim of helping others overcome their financial struggles so that they could avoid the same destructive patterns that essentially put our lives on pause.

I soon realized that I could help even more people by connecting with other people navigating their own journey to financial independence, the same people who might share my vision of providing sound financial advice grounded in the the wisdom of common sense.

I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago. When I'm not working on writing projects, I enjoy reading, bicycling along Lake Shore Drive, and cooking scrumptious vegetarian dishes.

And if the image at the top of the page didn't already give it away, I live in Chicago. (Go Cubs!)


Now that you know a little about me, I'd like to learn a little bit more about you. What are you financial aspirations? What areas are you struggling with the most? Which do you excel in?

I look forward to discussing guest blog posts, affiliate programs, friendly chatter. You name it. To get in touch, drop me a line below.